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How It Works

«AF72» has been supplying the interior design sector for 20 years,  from residential to public facilities.

Our goal is to work alongside designers, architects and developers to execute the projects, on time,  within budget and to client’satisfaction.

This is facilitated by  supporting the client with a unique contact for all suppliers involved in the project, from the initial tendering process, through the production and installation,  providing photographic evidence during the entire process.

We work with a number of local suppliers and artisans, to enable to offer you different alternatives in terms of materials (wood and stone)  budgets and lead times. And if you need the FASHION BRAND we are at your disposal

We realize your dreams

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We work with Italian companies that provide all interior products and Styles also with bespoke products

Hello We are AF72

We work in the hight-end projects: Appartments, Villas, hotels project and government projects.